“Before I went to see Dr. Besler and Carla at Dental Associates, I had been struggling with crooked teeth and a bad case of TMJ for about 20 years. I had constant headaches, pain in my jaw, and an annoying clicking sound whenever I chewed or opened my mouth. I had been to see other dentists, and nothing worked; I didn’t think anything would help my TMJ symptoms. When I went to Dental Associates for a consultation, I immediately felt like there was hope for some relief of my TMJ; I would also get the added bonus of beautiful straight teeth! I signed up for Invisalign that day, and I can say it was a great decision. The process took less than two years, and the results were amazing! Since I completed the Invisalign process, I have had no recurring symptoms of my TMJ — no clicking or popping of my jaw, no headaches, and no more jaw pain. The added bonus: my smile has never looked better!”
— Michelle

“Do you look forward to dental appointments? I never did until I met the team at Dental Associates on Center Point Rd NE. Dental Associates showed me, at age 55, that I could still have braces without having the drawbacks of metal braces. Invisalign clear braces was the answer and I love them. There is NO pain or discomfort. It’s like wearing a sports mouthguard, except Invisalign clear trays fit better and they are so comfortable that you can forget you are wearing them. I get new clear Invisalign teeth trays every two weeks that slowly turn and push each tooth into the right place. It is amazing to see the progress that each new clear tray brings. And the best feature for me: no one knows you are wearing them because they are so invisible. When you eat, brush, or floss they simply pop out to store and then pop back in. Technology has come a long way in the dental field, and I recommend you learn more about Invisalign clear braces. It’s been an awesome experience!”
— Joe

“The staff at Dental Associates is wonderful! As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted with a big smile and treated like family. They put you at ease right away, which makes the visit to the dentist a lot less stressful!”
— Chris